Santa Pod 2018


What a day!!!!
Q2 this morning, a very good and also personal best 60 ft. time with a 1.10 sec, the car was running straight and smooth, but at roughly 1000 ft. the burst panel blew and the fiberglass front was damaged from the surrounded air at top speed. Went thru the finish line with a 8.1. Back in the pits we put in a new burst panel (thanks to Ian Turboville), got all the fiberglass stuff out and laminated the hood back to the fenders. During the warm up we realized that the gasket between blower and intake manifold was also ripped apart. We only had 20 minutes till the next run so we quickly took off the blower, cleaned both surfaces and put a new gasket in place in the hope the adhesive would dry quick enough. Managed to do all that just in time and pulled the Basdart to the starting line. After scary burnout we can finally be proud of a 7 SECOND RUN! Skipped the 7.99 to a straight 7.81 with the burst panel blown way before the finish line again. This time the front got beat up quite bad, both side windows were pulled out, it even ripped off chrome moly mounts from the chassis. The team is happy for only having 4 full quarter mile passes. 
Special thanks to Dick Koster of Post en Dros for always helping us out.

Dirk Behlau